This course provides students with a grounding in the assessment of color, clarity and cut for a large number of colored gemstones, emphasizing how such factors affect their values in an ever changing marketplace. The opportunity for extensive practice is provided through AIGS’s vast sample collection, which includes a wide-range of gem varieties and qualities.

Part 1 – Theory: Online/Distance learning

1.  Student registers for the course online.

2.  AIGS registrar will email text book .pdf file to student.

3.  Quizzes will be sent by email to student to summarize the theory knowledge before the final exam.  We will correct the quiz and return to student with the results.   Please note that these marks does not count towards the final exam.

4.  Questions regarding student study, please email (36 hour response time).

5.  Student must complete theory exam online prior to attending practical lab on campus at AIGS Bangkok.

Part II -  Briefing and practical lab on campus AIGS, Bangkok

              5 days from 09:00 - 16:00 hour

Theory Certificate: In case student does not have time to do the practical lab. Student can do only theory online at home and get a diploma on Theory.

Student can also do practical on campus at a later date (current fee at the time of  enrollment) and receive the Diploma on Colored Stone Grading and Pricing Course. 

Exam:     Three attempts within 3 months

                Theory: Exam online –  75% 

                Practical: On Campus – 90% 








Colored Stone Grading and Pricing online




For Maximum benefit, student must complete the course within 6 month.