What Will I Learn?

  Gem identification procedures.
  Proper instrument uses and techniques.
  How to identify and/or separate a minimum of 300 gemstones.
  The properties and attributes of a variety of gem materials.
  How to identify and/or separate a minimum of 300 gemstones.
  The properties and attributes of a variety of gem materials.
  How to price a colorless diamond.
  How to connect this knowledge with the real-gem world & jewelry industry.
  How to identify simulants, as well as synthetic and treated materials.
  How to grade a gemstone for Color, Carat, Clarity, Cut.
  Understand the synthetic processes.
  What to do in a gem market.
  Understand how gemstones are priced.


Accredited Gemologist Diploma Online (A.G.01)


The  'Accredited Gemologist' (A.G.) program emphasizes the practical gemstone identification and synthetic/treatment detection skills required to become a proficient gemologist in today's gem and jewelry industry, as well as providing a solid grounding in the commercial aspects of grading and valuation.  Students have the opportunity to visit various gem mining localities, and gemstone trading hubs throughout Thailand, as well as further afield in Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Vietnam.

The online Accredited Gemologist course. Student can choose to study theory continuously for the main  4 courses, i.e.

E102 Gem Identification

E301 Synthetic and Treated Gem Identification

E201 Colored Stone Grading and Pricing  

E103 Diamond Grading and Pricing


Part 1 – Theory: Online/Distance learning

1.  Student registers for the course online.

2.  AIGS registrar will email text book .pdf file to student

3.  Quizzes will be sent by email to student to summarize the theory knowledge before the final exam.  We will correct the quiz and return to student with the results.   Please note that these marks does not count towards the final exam.

4.  Questions regarding student study, please email registrar@aigsthailand.com (36 hour response time).
5.  Student must complete theory exam online prior to attending practical lab on campus at AIGS Bangkok.
Part II   Briefing and practical lab on campus AIGS, Bangkok
             1.75 month or 35 days (5 days per week = 7 weeks) from 09:00 - 16:00 hour

Theory Certificate: In case student does not have time to do the practical lab. Student can do only theory online at home and get a diploma on Theory.

Student can also do practical on campus at a later date (current fee at the time of  enrollment) and receive the Accredited Gemologist Diploma (A.G.)

Exam:     Three attempts within 3 months

                Theory: Exam online –  75% 

                Practical: On Campus – 90% 


No. SUBJECT Theory Practical Total REMARKS
1-4 A.G. Diploma 2,000 4,500 6,500 Expires 3 years after registration


For Maximum benefit, theory of each course must be completed wihtin deadline below.



To be completed within



Gem identification

12 months



Synthetic and Treated Gem identification

6 months



Colored Stone Grading and Pricing

6 months



Diamond Grading and Pricing

6 months






Session 4 :  On Campus 5 Oct - 24 Nov 2020
     -  Gem Identification (Practical) (5 Oct - 3 Nov)
     -  Synthetic& Treated Gem Identification (Practical) (4 -  10 Nov)
     -  Colored Stone Grading and Pricing (Practical) (11 - 17 Nov)
     -  Diamond Grading and Pricing (Practical) (18 - 24 Nov)