With over 99% of gem-quality diamonds found on earth being classified as “colorless”, a diamond with a distinct hue is a very rare thing indeed.This makes the colored diamond business potentially lucrative for those who have knowledge and experience within this niche gemological field.

    Our all-new Fancy Colored Diamond Course will allow students to inspect a wide range of samples as well as gain invaluable insights with regards to the latest developments in colored diamond synthesization and enhancement processes.

    Students will also learn about the key commercial factors, including how to interpret colored diamond laboratory reports and how these stones are then subsequently graded and valued within this most niche of markets.

The 545-carat Golden Jubilee (certified by AIGS)

Student Testimonial


    "I think the Colored Diamond Course is the best course I've had at  AIGS, including the basic gemology course, ruby & sapphire identification,  ruby & sapphire treatments, 1-day diamond, 1-week diamond, jade, and pearls.The selection of stones was terrific.The instructor of this course is the best gem instructor I've had to date. What did Ii like the most in the course is the application to the industry because I consider entering this field".

                                                  John Gilman, USA
                                                          9 Dec 2016

    "I loved the course, loved the teacher, loved his style, knowledge, facts,  history, connection, experiences, humor. The Stone selection is great. So much knowledge, excellent teacher".

                                                JR (Jose),Philippines
                                                          9 Dec 2016