What Will I Learn?

  How to use Photoshop Program
  How to design by Computer
  Turn your creative ideas into real physical jewelry


Most designers in the current design industry are engaged in design work using “PHOTOSHOP”.

In this course, you will learn how to design necklaces. You do not yet need any techniques for sketching or drawing.

You will learn techniques to design necklaces by scanning gems and freely juxtaposing and arranging them on your computer screen.

Designer Profile

Hajime Ando

Born in Japan with 30 years of career as a jewelry designer.

Has worked as one of the top 7 designers of Bulgari in Rome, Italy and gone independent.



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  • I am not so good at using computers. Is it difficult for me to acquire such techniques?

    We will use the software called “PHOTOSHOP” in this course, where the number of commands necessary for jewelry designing is limited to about 10 or so. Thus, it is not so difficult; you do not have to worry at all. Actually, it is much easier than acquiring so-called sketch techniques.

  • Is this course limited to designing of necklaces?

    Students may learn how to design bracelets or earrings, too. Ring designing will not be taught in this course as designing of rings requires the learning another software.

  • Tell me what should I prepare or bring to the class.?

    Everything required for this course such as PCs or software is prepared by our school.  You just need to turn up and bring your enthusiasm!

  • Is this a course on how to use PHOTOSHOP, only?

    You will learn the basics of jewelry design too and enjoy doing both at the same time!